Bryan Only TV interview | Timothy Bold radio interview




Radio One's 'Listen to the Stars!' August 22nd, 1972


TIMMY: Is that your real hair colour? Blue?


VINCE: Uh, yes. Well, no. It was blond for a while, and then silver. And it went kind of crispy. So I went back to my natural blue, y'know? It seemed kind of simpler.


TIMMY: What can you tell us about your new album, 'Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective'?


VINCE: It's been riding high in the charts for a little while now. I still like some of it, the non-singles, mostly. The less commercial tracks, really. You see, the thing is, as a creative artist you move on, you know? And already I'm thinking about – not just the next concept album I'm working on, but the one after that and the project that will come after that. I'm envisioning a sequence of six albums, I'm thinking, yeah. And some time in around 1980 I'll probably stop recording for a while and move into films.


TIMMY: You split opinion down the middle, don't you? Some people love you, some hate you.


VINCE: I dunno, Timmy. I don't know if anyone hates me. It's best to keep outta the way of that kind of karma, you know? I tend to stick to the positive vibrations and zone out on all the love. You should try it.


TIMMY: What kind of fan mail do you get?


VINCE: I don't have the time to read every last piece of fan mail anymore. If I sat down and replied to everything everyone wants to know – and gave away all my time like that – there'd be like, you know, no more time for me to record and sing and write my new material. So, in the past few months I've like, hired a new personal assistant to help me out with that jazz. Everyone who's written in to me can expect to be hearing from her pretty soon. She's a terrific girl. From Scotland or Sunderland or something. But, yeah, apparently some of these letters are quite racy.


TIMMY: You've also had a couple of assassination attempts on your life. What happened?


VINCE: Got shot in the head after a gig at Hammersmith. Nearly got exploded at the Royal Variety. Yeah, it can be pretty hairy in the spotlight. But, you know. You gotta take it. You put yourself out there. You're gonna get noticed. There are a lot of freaks out there, as well as good guys. Freaks with ray guns, some of them.


TIMMY: Your lyrics are all about aliens, and space, and cosmic gods - how do you think up such far out ideas?


VINCE: That's because it's all true, Timmy. I don't have to make anything up. You just gotta keep your head tuned in to what the cosmos is saying and what's coming down through the ether. And then you'll see that every word of it is true, you know.


TIMMY: Do you really believe in aliens?


VINCE: Just think about it for a second. Can we really be alone in this universe? Can this little world be all there is? I've been out there, Timmy. You've got to believe me. I've seen some very funny looking fellas out there in space. Aliens, Timmy. The universe is bleeding full of em.


TIMMY: You're heading back out on tour. How did you dream up your latest stage incarnation?


VINCE: I had some help from my people. But mostly it's just me. And my inspiration. Next spring I'm aiming for a kind of Space Safari look, with lots of animal print and you know, like sci-fi accessories. All my band will be dressed up as big cats.


TIMMY: Do you ever get tired of being outrageous?


VINCE: Sometimes I like to kick back and just relax, you know? I do ordinary things when I'm in my own time. I like to … uh, relax. I take a lot of baths. I don't like swimming or sunbathing much. I have things read to me. I used to climb trees and stuff. And skiing. I learned to ski last winter, and I mastered the art, but I didn't like it much. I paint and make collages out of old stuff. I do a lot of that.


TIMMY: Do you ever picture yourself at 60?


VINCE: I just can't see it, somehow, Timmy. I just can't see that far ahead. That seems really space age to me, that's the twenty first century, innit? I've got a lot of transitions to get through before then. The whole human race has got a lot to get through a lot of transitions before then!


TIMMY: Thanks, Vince. Do you want to introduce your new single?


VINCE: Uh, sure. This is me. Uh, singing. And it's my new song, which I sat up all night writing. And it's about feeling a bit paranoid because the world is run by super-powered aliens who can control people's minds and stuff. It's called 'Nefarious' and it's available right now to download.


TIMMY: Download?


VINCE: Buy, Timmy. Sorry, buy in a high street shop. Here it is!